You Lu(陆猷) picture

You Lu(陆猷)

PhD student

Virginia Tech


(Google Scholar page)


You Lu, and Bert Huang. Structured Output Learning with Conditional Generative Flows. AAAI 2020. Acceptance rate: 20.6%. [code]
(initial version in the ICML 2019 Workshop on Invertible Neural Nets and Normalizing Flows)


You Lu, Zhiyuan Liu, and Bert Huang. Block Belief Propagation for Parameter Learning in Markov Random Fields. AAAI 2019. Acceptance rate: 16.2%.


You Lu, Jeffrey Lund, and Jordan Boyd-Graber. Why ADAGRAD Fails for Online Topic Modeling. EMNLP 2017. Acceptance rate: 18%.

Before 2016

Ximing Li, Jihong Ouyang, You Lu, Xiaotang Zhou, and Tian Tian. Group topic model:organizing topics into groups. Information Retrieval Journal, 2015.

Ximing Li, Jihong Ouyang, and You Lu. Topic modeling for large-scale text data. Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering, 2015.

Ximing Li, Jihong Ouyang, Xiaotang Zhou, You Lu, and Yanhui Liu. Supervised labeled latent Dirichlet allocation for document categorization. Applied Intelligence, 2015.

Jihong Ouyang, You Lu, and Ximing Li. Momentum online LDA for large-scale datasets. ECAI 2014. Acceptance rate: 41%.